Thursday, November 25, 2010

By Day, By Night

The Shanghai Rockbund Museum, located at the Bund and funded by the Rockefeller family, is an excellent place for contemporary art exhibition. Its mission, on its website, is “the spread of humanistic values and the promotion of art, the Rockbund Art Museum dedicates its efforts to the study, exchange and promotion of contemporary visual arts. Through diverse exhibitions and educational programmes, it seeks to use artistic means to stimulate discussions of topical and social issues in contemporary spirit.”

I saw the “By Day, By Night” exhibition (Curator: Hou Hanru) at the Rockbund Museum. The exhibition showcases a very wide variety of talents. Some examples include Choi Jeong Hwa designs the space on the two floors of the gallery, transforming the ceiling with red and silver strips of paper, covering the walls with vintage wallpaper, and wrapping the chairs in fake Louis Vuitton leather. Tu Weicheng’s series “Moving Images & Audio Museum,” which contains displays of antiques that may be considered innovative a century ago, and images of using people to measure roads and buildings. Sam Samore’s film, “Hallucination/Paradise,” dramatizes the life of people in Shanghai.

Among the displays, my favorite was those from Sun Xun on the third floor. His artworks implement a combination of media and painting, and they contain at the same time, the elements of both ancient and modern China. His series, titled “Beyond Isms,” puts together historic legends such as the dragon along with modern elements such as buildings.

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