Thursday, September 09, 2010

On the propaganda art collection displays:

I was very surprised when I first walked inside the gallery, which
happens to be in the basement of a random apartment area. I guess it
would make sense since Chinese people probably aren't interested in
their country's propaganda posters of the past anyway. The display was
quite amazing, however, which was the reason for my surprise. The idea
that propaganda posters, which were abundant back in the day, can
become collectible art has opened my eyes. It's also very interesting
that the posters are arranged chronologically. Looking at the posters
this way, along with the gallery owner's narration, I was able to see
Chinese history in a very different light, and even picked up new
information. Apart from the underground nature of the gallery, this
field trip was great. The propaganda posters display is definitely a
unique art collection, and I wouldn't have referred to them as such
prior to last week's visit.

-Duy (Zach) Tran


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