Monday, September 27, 2010

ashanzi Art District (798 Art District, Beijing):

Is a large compound of artists' studios, and galleries installed in an
outmoded 1950s factory complex, built by a team of East German
architects in a style inspired by the Bauhaus.
Unfortunatly I did not have time to get to the complex until way to late
and almost everything was closed.
What I did get to experience was the Creators project's Beijing installation.
A set of installations and artworks by a mix of contemporary Chinese artists
focusing on light, not surprising something that facinates the Chinese,
especially after having experienced shanghai's skyline lightshow every night.

The Creators project also put on a small music festival with both local bands
and imported Americans such as Major Lazer.
All in all, an interesting fresh show with an amazing
scene of mostly young art interested expats. I't seems where ever Chinese
contemporary art is taking me, the audience are my peers. European's
or American's, mostly young, mid 20's to 30's, Where are all the Chinese people
interested in Chinese art contemporary art, except the artists themselves?

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