Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sun Xun: Shock of Time

The morning before going to SZ Art Center so see this animation, I was stuck in my hotel room with a broken arm flipping through the channels on my television.  After aimlessly scanning through the same old junk, I came across a channel that was showing old black and white cartoon animations from the 1930’s.  Although the dialogue was in French, and thus hard for me to understand, it was infrequently scattered throughout the animation and of little importance when compared to the drawings.  This old animation was a breath of fresh air.  The rhythm had a strange cadence and the hand of the creator was made obvious and even played upon.  By acknowledging that it was a series of drawings, the cartoon was exciting and unlimited by the restraints or expectations of reality.  Today, too many animations try to fool the viewer into thinking that they are following some kind of created reality with rules and control.

Shock of Time dismissed any sense of rules or reality and acknowledged the fact that it was created by an artist’s hand.  This self-awareness brought forth a strange and intriguing narrative that was open ended and allowed for more viewer involvement.  The style was simple and ghostly and the choice of newspaper background was an interesting investigation of time.

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