Wednesday, June 10, 2009

“Individual” Show at JoyArt

This exhibition seemed to unite its pieces with the theme of the individual within the massive context of the human race and the increased mechanization of human contact.  Pieces include works such as long strip of white paper that was ripped into pieces of similar sizes and taped back together again, as well as a framed grid intertwined with rubber human figurines, most of which are caught in its system leaving just a few to wander on its edge.

One of the more interesting pieces was an installation titled Widows by Judith Neilson and Wang Zhiyuan.  It consisted of a ring of plastic robotic females, each identical except for the sequence at which its light blinked and the time at which their “fan-heads” would face each other.  All were powered by the same electrical source, which was placed in the center.  One of the most eerie qualities of the piece was the way in which the figures communicated with each other.  Each is reserved and separated in an orderly fashion, but all seem to have the same purpose or source of expression.  The manner in which the fans move imply an effort towards conversation, but the uniform way in which the fans sway back and forth and spew up air is limited and very specific.  When thinking of these sculptures as widows it easy to see a common struggle to move out of their shell and reach out to the world, yet all are unified under the same struggle and can begin to connect back with life.

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