Sunday, June 07, 2009

Blackboard Show at ShanghART H-Space

The concept of the Blackboard exhibition at ShanghART H-Space is interesting—how to reformat and rethink the use of the traditional tool of learning in the classroom. The exhibition, featuring works by several contemporary artists, included the restructuring and imaginative designs around a 1m by 2m blackboard. It was exciting to see each artist’s interpretations when given a blackboard to work with. Many artists added 3D elements to their works, such as shoes, microchips, etc. whereas some created video performances (Jin Shan's video, To New York, where he pursues illegal taxis to give him a life to New York with the blackboard attached to his back was humorous and creative). Blackboard carvings were quite popular as well, and artist Kan Xuan rebuilt his blackboard to resemble a trash bin. While some works were less original, there are a few works that stood out among the crowd. I particularly enjoyed the crow’s eye video piece by Lu Lei, the sound system blackboard piece by Ye Linghan and of course, it was a riot to see Zhu Yu’s depiction of himself in Court Transcript, on trial for his controversial work in the 2000 Fuck Off Exhibition for eating a fetus (i wonder if it will ever grow old!).

The Blackboard exhibition, curated by Fu Xiaodong including works by artists Wang Xing Wei, Xu Zhen, Yang Zhen Zhong, Xiang Li Qing, Liu Wei Jian, Lu Chun Sheng, Huang Kui, Tang Mao Hong, Shao Yi, Yang Fu dong, Shi Yong, Xiao Jing Feng, Zhang Ding, Qiu AN Xiong, Liu Chuang, Chu Yun, Liu Wei, Jiang Zhi, Jiang Yun Ke, Qiu zhi jie, Chen wen Bo, Kan Xuan, Zhu Yu,Wang Yu Yang, He An, Cheng Ran, Zhang Pei Li, Geng Jian YI, Sun Xun, Lu Lei, Chen Xiao Yun, Tong Biao, Zhao Yang, Wu Jun Yong, Ye Ling Han, Jin Shan, Chen Wei, and Chen Yu Fan, runs from May 23, 2009 thru June 30, 2009 at ShanghART H-Space at 50 Moganshan Road.

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