Sunday, June 07, 2009

Shows at ShanghART and Bizart

There is a combined artists show at ShanghART, with our friends Zhou Tiehai, Shi Yong, and Yu Youhan and many others. There are a some interesting works in the show-- such as a wild millet-coated polyester sculpture by Wang Guanyi, titled "The Materialist" and collages by Xue Song. There is a really cool and colorful piece by Wei Guangqing, titled "The Zhu Family Instructions 19-24" that reminds me of a Justice song, with bright colors forming vertical stripes, creating the background for the everyday movements of moral righteousness as recorded in the ancient book of the Zhu Family Instructions, depicting figures similar to those seen in old Chinese scroll paintings. Each panel of moral instruction is labeled by a traditional saying that are timeless and can be applied universally, such as: "If others are experiencing good fortune, do not become jealous." I particularly enjoy this work because it mixes a kind of pop contemporary, modern culture, symbolizing the modern development of China fused with old traditional moral codes and standards. Wei does a great job incorporating the modern with ancient Chinese roots.

The Group Show at ShanghART Gallery runs from April 5, 2009 thru June 15, 2009.

(Photos courtesy of ShanghART Gallery:

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