Thursday, October 14, 2010

ReFlection of Minds – MoCA Shanghai Envisage III

Mikael Larsson

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Duration: Sep. 12 , 2010 - Oct. 8 ,2010

This was my first visit to the Museum of Contemporary art in Shanghai.
Located in the heart of the Peoples park in the center of the city lies the

Fantastic building that is MoCA. Not particularly large, at least not
in comparison

to most contemporary museums I am used to, but not surprisingly as the
museum seems to operate in a different way. MoCA Shanghai seems to
focus on one or two shows at once, Instead

of showing their own collection.  With two floors surrounded by
encapsulating glass windows and with a ramp hugging the back wall to
the second floor, The museum has an open feel, more like

a gallery than a museum.
The biannual show on view, ReFlection curated by the famed Wang Weiwei

shows a fantastic slice of the what contemporary Chinese artists do.
Some works feel like they are not quite yet ready, and some works
don't reach their full potential, but it really does not bother me
that it at points feel like an art school show. The artists are very
young and don't have the experience or access to material as artists I
am used to see in western biannuals, but the ideas are there and they
are brilliant. Especially the photographic art captures my attention
especially do I love Liu Bolins playful photographs of himself painted
in front of buildings.

In the end the MoCA is a museum I will revisit and recommend others to
do to, especially this show.

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