Thursday, October 14, 2010

MOCA: Reflection of Minds

The Reflection of Minds (Curator: Ding Ying and Wang Wei Wei) exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art is a fairly large exhibition featuring many different artists. The works displayed in the exhibition were all very diversed; ranging from oil and acrylic on canvas to sculptures to photographs to videos. All of these works showed large deviation from traditional art and ideals. For example, Tang Dixin’s “Food in the Air” portrays a shark preying on blimps in midair, showing great breakthrough and deviation from traditional ideas and expectations.

What caught my eye in the exhibition were Ding Li’s series of untitled works and Liu Bolin’s series of photographs. Ding Li’s untitled oil paintings on canvas all have a dark tone that cools my mind. I can tell that there is a scene in his paintings; however, I can’t seem to make out what’s in the scene as if they were part of a dream. Liu Bolin’s series of photography, “City Hiding,” depicts himself blending into a certain environment by having someone paint on his body the shapes and color of the surrounding environment. My favorite out of the series is the photo titled “Supermarket.” The photo depicts Liu blending into stacks and stacks of cans at a supermarket. It’s almost as if he’s not even there!

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