Monday, October 18, 2010

"By Day, By Night, or Some (Special) Things a Museum Can Do"

"By Day, By Night, or Some (Special) Things a Museum Can Do"

Rockbund Art Museum, 20 Huqiu Lu (close to Beijing Lu, near the Bund)

Opens, October 24th

To help celebrate the 2010 Shanghai Biennale, Curator Hou Hanru has
brought together nine Chinese and international artists known for
their playful and offbeat style to interpret the city and its rapid
transformations. Through the exhibition, the Rockbund hopes to
stimulate a discussion of the role an art museum can play in a city by
encouraging public participation and a dialogue between the art world
and society. The curator and eight of the artists will take FCC
members on a guided tour of the exhibition before it opens to the

Venue details: Rockbund Art Museum
20 Huqiu Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai 200002

About the Artists:

Choi Jeonghwa is a Seoul-based artist who uses a wide spectrum of
materials in his work, including wires, lights, televisions, plastic
animals and real and fake blood. He is inspired by chaotic outdoor
Pedro Cabrita Reis is a Lisbon-based painter, sculptor and
photographer whose work revolves around the themes of housing,
habitation, construction and territory. Along with art based on
everyday life, such as tables and chairs or doors and windows, he
creates expansive installations that fill exhibition spaces.
Shahzia Sikander lives in New York and Texas. She specialises in
Indian and Persian miniature painting, a highly disciplined
traditional form. She reinvents the technique-driven form by blending
Eastern focus on method and precision with Western-style
Du Yun was born and raised in Shanghai. She is a composer who is
equally adept at writing for concert halls, art shows, experimental
theatre, modern dance and pop songs.
Nedko Solakov's sharp wit and offbeat humour have made the Bulgarian
artist an internationally-celebrated conceptual artist. His work
tackles serious matters with absurdity.
Sam Samore is a New York based artist who explores privacy and myth in
society. His work includes film noir-style black and white photographs
of himself posing as the victim at a crime scene investigation.
Zhou Tiehai is a Shanghai-based artist whose work satirizes modern
Chinese art. He is best-known for his series playful portraits of
cigarette advertising icon 'Joe Camel'.
Tu Wei-Cheng is a Taiwan-based artists who created his own imaginary
ancient civilisation, "Bu-Num" -- and created artifacts and legends
for it to explore status and systems of myths.
Sun Xun is a Hangzhou-based artist who mixes hand-drawn images and
traditional imagines with new media to create animation inspired by
history, politics and nature. (NB: Sun will not be at the preview)

About the Curator:

Hou Hanru is the chair of exhibition and museum studies at the San
Francisco Art Institute. Born in Guangzhou in 1963, he has been
teelling stories through art for more than a decade. His "Cities On
the Move" project ran from 1997-2000 and involved seven cities and
more than 140 artists. He has also curated biennales in Venice,
Gwanju, Brisbane, Istanbul and Johannesburg. He lives in Paris and San

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