Thursday, June 14, 2007


This is the best show I've seen in China, Wang Luyan's "Sawing or Being Sawed?"

It's also quite possibly the worst show title I've seen in China. Supposedly it's supposed to be a giant metaphor for China itself. Who would've thought? I wonder if that's actually the case or if that's just what all the press shit says in hopes of making $$$$$ BANK $$$$$...

Here are some images I took while checking it ooooouuuutttt

In the end, though, I figured it out.

If you look closely at the image above, paying particular atention to the cuts in each circular saw blade, where they intersect -- you will notice that on neither blade does the cut extend to distance of the actual rivets of the opposing blade. Neither one of these blades could be spinning. So, in conclusion; IT IS NEITHER SAWING NOR BEING SAWED. Brilliant.

These are some young(ish) art doodz we met at the opening. They were on their way to dinner with Mr Wang Luyan himself. Maybe someday they will be famous. I don't have their names, but I DO have their email adresses, which I will gladly publish.

blinking305 at (sunglasses around his neck)

yucochina at (green shirt)

chenjiedada at (striped shirt)

After they gave me their email addresses, I warned them that yahoo regularly cooperrates with the Chinese government and reveals the personal information of its users who the Communisy Party wishes to Jail. At this point, however, it became clear to me that this crew knew very, very little English, as they had not the slightest clue about what I was trying to say.

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