Thursday, May 12, 2011


The town of Zunyi was chosen for the Long March Project because of its historical significance. In 1935, there was a meeting held in Zunyi which put an end to the Leftist line dominance in the Communist Party. The Long March Project used Zunyi to determine the significance of the native experience and native forms. The Zunyi symposium, titled “International Symposium—Curating in Chinese Context'” and is a series of artistic activities where those in attendance will debate the importance of native context in art practice and the influence of the Chinese Revolution of the international contemporary art and contemporary Chinese art. The majority of those in attendance will be curators (both independent and those at an institution), gallery owners, members of the art press, artists and critics. They will discuss several issues, but hope to address several key questions, such as, curating in the Chinese context, curating exhibitions: the power and interpretation of visual space, alternative spaces, independent curating and the development of resources.

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