Friday, May 06, 2011

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Interview with Chen Zhen
When reading the interview with Chen Zhen, the reader can get lost in the language of the interviewer and the interviewee. Chen Zhen's interview should be commended for it's a piece of artistic genius. The interview itself is a piece of artwork. The interviewer is not a real person, the reader finds out in the end. Also the questions and answers are an example of Chen Zhen's own opinions on art. I would not dare say that I understood much of Chen Zhen's interview. Also when reading this interview one gets the sense that Chen Zhen has quite a big ego. Its shown through the questions and answers which try to sound way to intelligent. Obviously Chen Zhen has never read EB White's The Elements of Style. When reading his interview I began to wonder why his opinion and life in the art world is so important. The interview in many ways seems like a glorification. Chen Zhen makes the interview more about himself then about the topic of art. Yet Chen Zhen does explain what art is to him to a certain extent. The responses reminded me of philosophy classes I have taken in college. Basically, much of what Chen Zhen said in his self style interview can be taken as theoretical. That gets to the point of Contemporary Art in China. In many ways it's still a theoretical field.  The interview to me was very confusing. It would have been nice to have further background on Chen Zhen and his style of

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