Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lines III

Of the exhibitions I visited, the one I chose to discuss during in this blog is “Trilogy.”

The opening night of Trilogy, Liu Wei’s solo show, comprised of artistically dressed people deep in conversation grouped around enormous statues consisting of wood and metal bars. Large paintings decorated the walls of the gallery, of which four in particular are uniquely titled Meditation 1 through 4. My favorite exhibit in the museum was known as Power, in which old television sets were stacked and occasionally flickered on and off. The repetition was both hypnotizing and fascination, perhaps a comment on contemporary media or on the limits of power. However, regardless of the exact message, the entire show was captivating, mixing rigid structure with complex ideas. After having finished observing each of his pieces, I arrived in a small lounge region crowded with art enthusiasts eager to discuss Liu Wei’s show.

Trilogy was held at Mingsheng Art Museum and the exhibition opened March 20th and will stay until May 3rd. This exhibition continues Liu Wei’s commentary on modern culture, in a manner that forces the viewer to confront contradictions. However, unlike previous works, the show focuses on geometric shapes and harsh lines. The concept of lines is seen in the statues, in the paintings, and in the installations. I believe it is the blunt visuals and use of lines that spark amazement because they are so simple, yet are presented in a multifaceted manner.

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