Friday, March 25, 2011

by BO

On Friday, I visited the galleries at 50 Moganshan Lu. After leaving I
began to understand why the Chinese art market is so hot right now.
What is great about this section of Shanghai is that each gallery has
its own unique style. Each gallery has its own artistic mode giving a
sense of diversity. One particular gallery caught my eye while at 50
Monganshan called Outstanding Art. While exploring the art scene I
stumbled across numerous galleries each with their own unique style.
The gallery I found most interesting during my time there was the
gallery managed by Elizabeth Wu. Outstanding Art has two locations at
50 Monganshan. The first gallery wielded me into the current nature of
Chinese contemporary art. The current exhibition in the gallery was a
selection of paintings by Ye Sheng Qin, a young Shanghaies artist. Her
paintings have both a classical and contemporary tone that draws the
viewer into the canvass. Each painting has unique female figures
draped in classical robes. But what makes these series of paintings so
unique is how she uses abstract features to present artistic
perspective. These contemporary paintings show that Chinese society
still respects its heritage. Ye Sheng Qin designs on the canvasses are
illustrates that she has understanding of the contemporary art market
of China.
Throughout my time at 50 Moganshan, I found that each of the galleries
had a focus on the contemporary style. Knowing very little about the
Shanghai art scene I found coming to this collection of galleries was
eye opening. It showed me that the artists in China are all trying to
make a name for themselves in the emerging Chinese art market. More
specifically, each gallery in 50 Moganshan is competing against the
one next door for a share of the art market. The closeness of each
gallery shows that the art scene in Shanghai follows very capitalist
principles. Artists are trying to making a product that someone will
enjoy. These galleries in many ways are centers for Chinese arts to
show off their ideas and talents. Another place I found interesting
is the Duke Gallery. This gallery has a more modern outlook to its
selection. The paintings have less of a connection with the past a
more of a connection with the here and now. Duke Gallery, one finds
is more for the hip young Chinese crowd in China. When viewing Duke
Gallery's unique selection of artworks one finds that they are showing
a unique side of the contemporary art movement in China that is both
provocative and entertaining to the viewer.
After visiting 50 Moganshan, I now feel that I have a better
understanding of the contemporary art market. Prior to my visit I had
no understanding of what the kind of style that represents art in
modern China. Now I understand that its part of larger movement that
is hoping to shape the greater art world.

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