Thursday, May 07, 2009

Shanghai MoCA

MoCA Shanghai has a great exhibition entitled  "Merging Emerging-Art, Utopia and Virtual Reality" running currently. 
The exhibit attempts to show how art and technology interact through various new media projects. Specifically, it aims to show the way in which new media has influenced human behavior and habitat. 
My favorite of these projects is one that depicts China's most developed cities (pictured left) in shambles, crumbling amidst what you can a imagine to be a fog of chemical clouds and smoke stacks. Picture the Shanghai World Financial Center rusted and sprinkled with acid rain, then scale it down, and you have a future model of the world's developed cities. 
Each piece of the work is intricately placed. No detail is left out, down to the crowds of people pushing their way down a street similar to Huahai Lu. or the traffic ridden highways of Beijing's inner rings. 
The work stands beside a wall of four brightly colored abstract canvases, each evoking a sense of fluidity and movement and resonating especially with the piece that sits next to it. 

This work, along with many others in this exhibit, is definitely worth a visit.

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Please tell us more re. title of works, artist names, etc.