Thursday, May 07, 2009

Last Friday's Performace

I thoroughly enjoyed last week's performance. It was great to finally get to see something similar to what ewe have been watching on a projector for the past few weeks with my own eyes. 

What I thought was the best part about the performance was how it made use of a few simple props and transformed their meaning from scene to scene without going through drastic set and costume changes. One example of this is the use of the chairs. At one point they were acting a kitchen countertop, another simply places to sit, and in another weights that had to be carried without the use of the floor.  I also liked the use of the red handkerchief. When I first saw it (coming out of the man's pocket) my mind jumped to a magician's act. When I saw it for the second time (draped over the performer's head) my mind immediately jumped to torture (likely because of all the recent news). And then, for the third time (when the covered woman was placed next to a man) my mind jumped to arranged marriage. I thought this use of props was incredibly well done. 

Also, I liked that I was able to watch the performers come from the same seats as the audience was sitting in and walk on to stage. Again, we saw transformation. I was able to watch him or her transform from an audience member to a performer and back again many times throughout the show. 

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Anonymous said...

Please tell more. When/where/who/ and in what context the props were used!
Where was the performance?