Thursday, April 23, 2009

Group Show at ShanghART @ 796 Huaihai Lu

I was taking a stroll along Huaihai Lu last weekend, when I stumbled upon the ShanghART Gallery space at 796 Huaihai Lu. I walked into the gallery very impressed by the exhibition space (I particularly like the bamboo trees lined along the outside of the large glass windows.) ShanghART was having a group show there, including works by Shi Qing, who does some interesting pieces with electricity, and Song Tao, whose work on display is a collection of black and white photographs spread across the gallery floor. In addition, there is an installation of "Exposure" by the artist Shao Yi, which explores the themes of our everyday exposure to and dependence on modern technology that affects the way we produce work.

Photo: "Exposure", Shao Yi, ShanghART Gallery 2009

Finally, I was happy to come across Xu Zhen's recent work, "18 Days", which I had read about while working on my art presentation. There are photographs on display in the gallery which follow Xu and his team's 18-Day trip, taken in 2006, to China's neighboring countries with the intention of invading them with remote controlled toy weapons. The gallery also presented the documentary on their journey. I enjoy Xu's social commentary/humor. New media projects and contemporary installations are fascinating. The way the artist can fully create the space they are in or organize the various elements and players in their works requires ingenious thinking and coordination.

Photo: "18 Days", Xu Zhen, ShanghART Gallery 2009

The Group Show at ShanghART Gallery @ 796 Huahai Lu, Shanghai, was presented on April 12, 2009 - Apr 19, 2009.

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