Friday, November 21, 2008

SITE / PROBLEM- A Case of Jin Feng

SITE / PROBLEM- A Case of Jin Feng


Presented by:  Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art 
Dates:  29 November - 28 December, 2008 
Venue:  Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art  (No. 28, Lane 199, Fangdian Road, Shanghai, China) 
Opening Reception:  4:30pm, 29 November, 2008 (Saturday)

Site / Problem-A Case of Jin Feng, solo exhibition of Jin Feng will be presented at Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art on 29 November, 2008. Based upon his recent artistic exploration, the exhibition features performance, research projects, sculpture installations and web  interaction, aiming to present a complete overview of Jin's works in recent years.


Jin Feng has made great efforts to integrate various sites in Chinese society into his creation, managing to liberate himself from the constraints of traditional creation modes. Dedicated to establishing a platform for artists to share ideas, Jin has proposed an idea of "focusing on the choices made and the transformation caused rather than the proposal of original themes". Whether this can be introduced as a future mode in exploring the problems of sites in Chinese society is a major theme of the exhibition. Moreover, Jin Feng refers to his work as "case", intending to avoid any possible association of hegemony which might be provoked by the usage of "methodology". Actually, it is the insights and inspiration gained and debates provoked from Jin Feng's solo exhibition that are most worth anticipating.



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