Thursday, November 27, 2008

Breaking the boundary


Bund18 creative center

Artist: Lee Lee Nan, Hiraki Sawa


Breaking the boundary

Lee Lee Nan’s Video installations are 

about Classic Oil paintings and traditional ink paintings and left audiences a feeling that there is on clear bound between each other. Every single picture in these videos is a beautiful painting of quiet plants, fluid river, misty temple and remote mountains, elements frequently appearing in scenery paintings from both western and eastern culture. Although there are huge differences between oil painting and ink painting, the artist uses these familiar elements to create a coherent atmosphere among different works. One object in this painting may also be in that painting and vice versa .it seems that these works like detailed images, as a whole, 

together and become a grand view of all these gorgeous landscape.


Another feature that impressed me is the artist’s extended and expanded vision of time and space. All the objects in these installations are moving images which on longer stop at a certain point of time or place, but going from far to close, from dawn to dark and from spring to winter. In the painting of “temple” the creator shows us a movie: the boat floats far and near ,the light turns on and off tell the every life of a fisher 

 in the island; the breeze in spring, rains in summer, golden plants in autumn and snows in winter illustrate the seasonal changes in the island. This moving image, with the help of modern technology, enlarges the limitation of time and space and provides us a vivid view of Chinese ink scenery and the cycle of life and universe

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