Friday, April 25, 2008

Isidro Blasco

APRIL 26 – MAY 7, 2008

Press Preview: April 25, 2008, 4pm
Vernissage: April 25, 2008, 5-8pm
Contrasts Gallery, No. 181 Middle Jiangxi Road, G/F, Shanghai, China

SHANGHAI – Isidro Blasco's photography-based sculptures and wall
works will be on view at Contrasts Gallery's principal gallery in
Shanghai at 181 Middle Jiangxi Road from April 25 – May 7, 2008. The
exhibition When I Look At It will feature nineteen of the artist's
constructions, using photographs that were taken in Shanghai,
including two large free-standing sculptures. An opening reception
will be held Friday, April 25, from 5-8pm.

Blasco's work combines architecture, photography, and installation to
recreate images of interior spaces and exteriors of buildings. His
photo-sculptures are three-dimensional visual articulations of a
particular place that provide broader insights into how we perceive
ourselves in a man-made environment. Blasco is not interested in the
formal practice of photography, but uses the photographic process to
form the value, shape and density of the final three-dimensional
sculpture. The photo sculptures represent Blasco's personal and
subjective perception of a particular environment. Blasco starts a
piece by taking photographs while standing in a fixed location so
that all of the images taken at a specific site are from one point of
view. He then makes miniature architectural maquettes, before
starting to work on the finished piece. Blasco laminates the
photographs and then mounts the multiple views of rooms or edifices
on complex wooden armatures. Beginning with a single angle in a room
or from the street, Blasco constructs a new spatial experience from a
series of altered perspectives, fragmenting the single viewpoint into
a myriad of possibilities. Blasco's work is very much influenced by
Analytical Cubism.

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