Friday, April 18, 2008

A Cultural Forum around Hostage

A Cultural Forum around Hostage:Wang Jianwei Solo Exhibition

Hostage is the grey area among science, history, society and hypothesis and a kind of imaginary relationship between potential knowledge and certain reality. Individual can be regarded as the hostage of history and knowledge, hijacked by the present and the future. Wang Jianwei continues his themes of placing people or object out of contexts.

Forum:What is possible?
A Forum examining the current and future directions possible for China's culture.

Presented by: Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art
Venue of the Forum: Zendai MoMA Shanghai
Art Classroom, Second Floor, No. 28, Lane 199 Fangdian Road, Shanghai, China
Date of the Forum: 20 April,2008,10:00—18:00
Convener: Binghui Huangfu, Deputy Director of Zendai MoMA

This Forum will address a set of cultural and social issues by refocusing art theory and cultural theory upon a set of much broader philosophical questions concerning the role of art in culture. Its methodological innovation lies in its detailed focus on the processes of visual art as defined and developed within a network of (social and disciplinary) relationships and in its use of empirically grounded action-based research. The Forum enables us to examine the way in which art constructs relationships in a number of different registers (cultural, community and disciplinary).

Speakers: Dai Zhikang, Chairman and CEO, Zendai Group
Shen Qibin, Director of Shanghai Zendai MoMA
Marianne Brouwer, Curator from Holland
Andreas SchmidA Gift from Beijing to İstanbul

, Artist/Curator
Jérome Sans, Director of UCCA
Huang zhuan, Director of OCT
Shi Jian, Isreading Culture
Wang Hui, Researcher of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Geremie R. Barme, Australian Academy of Humanity
Wang Min'an, Philosopher/Critic
Jonathan, Scholar
Gary Carsley, curater

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