Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thursday departure + your responses

Dear everyone,

For timely departure tomorrow, please meet in our off-campus classroom
at 12:30p.m. The shuttle will depart sharp at 12.45, as arranged by
Joyce sincerely.

Re. your weekly assignment:
The blogspot is currently down, but you can still upload your
responses to the MOCA show (and for those who have not covered Pecha
Kucha, Propaganda Center) along with your visuals and pictures through

In your responses, please respond to the issues and challenges of
contemporary art presentation posed by your site visit to MOCA. What
are some of the more compelling works of Remote/Control? How is
contemporary art/new media merging with physical space? What do you
perceive as failures and successes? What are the conditions for art
display? How do you measure museum services and professionalism? etc.
As I said, feel free to be as loving and as critical as you'd like.

All the best with this, and see you tomorrow for a day of
introductions by key players in Shanghai!


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