Friday, March 16, 2007

"IMAGE-NATION: Works by New Generation of Chinese Artists"

"IMAGE-NATION: Works by New Generation of Chinese Artists"

Featuring works by: Chao Ziyi & Chao Ziwei, Chen Yun, Chen Yunquan, Guo Peng, He Jia, He Jiandan, Jiao Xingtao, Liang Binbin, Liu Danhua, Liu Lifen, Ren Zhe, Wang Mian, Wang Zi, Xia Hang, Xue Tao, Yang Bo, Yin Yanhua, Zhang Hua, Zhao Guanghui

Exhibition: 18 March till 10 May 2007
Vernisage/ Opening party: 17 March with the attendance of several artists

IMAGE-NATION is an exhibition which reflects the interests of a younger group of artists who no longer take as their subject the political content which widely characterises the western view of the work of their predecessors of the 1980s and early 90s. Political art produced today has at times recently become a parody of itself and no longer holds the significance or impact that work from the 80s and early 90s did. Collectors are becoming more discerning and are less easily swayed by images of pandas, Mao or the colour red; and seasoned auction goers are becoming more selective when it comes to political art post-1997. The artists in the present exhibition were too young to feel directly the impact of Tiananmen Square, and are rather affected by the new commercial and cultural openness, the rapid urbanisation and transformation of the cities, the incessant bombardment of consumer culture and the influence of mass media. The present exhibition takes as its starting point three different categories of cars, cartoons, and daily life. Through each of these subjects artists give an independent insight into life in China today.

The aim of the exhibition is to show that although the main collecting base for young Chinese artists for the short term remains in the west, that artists are no longer merely pandering (no pun intended) to a Western preconception of China or cynically producing political pop for the export market (although this clearly persists). There are artists who are exploring their own cultural identity, engaging with popular culture, reflecting the contemporary experience of daily life in China, and concerning themselves with issues and influences that directly affect them - an engagement which brings about an art with an independence of outlook and one which will in time bring them a domestic as well as international audience.

Contrasts gallery Principal: 181 JiangXi Middle Rd, Shanghai 20002

Gallery Hours: Monday to Sunday 10am -10pm

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knightmover said...

Nice blog!
I found you by Google when searching some material about political funding for arts...then, I found you.
So, is this "Image Nation" built by the members of your whole class? Who is busily updating it?
Well, just feel curious about your form for transmitting your ideas:) Why not write in Chinese? I'm not locating in shanghai, but another city in China. But I'd like to know more about activities and your works in arts, although I am a student majoring in science.
So, reading in Chinese will be easier.