Friday, March 26, 2010

“Make Over Exhibition” at the Oriental Vista Gallery

Christina Xiong

Artist names: Bird Head, Chen Hangfeng, Jutta Friedrichs, Gao Mingyan,
Ben Houge, Jiang Hongqing,

 Ji Wenyu, Jin Feng, Maya Kramer, Lu Jiawei, Ning Zuohong, Qiu
Anxiong, Christina Shmigel, Su Chang, Wu Ding

The entrance and appearance of the gallery itself is a piece of art.
From its barbed wire, camouflage print, goldfish, and sacks forming a
barricade around the automatic front door, I expected the Make Over
exhibition to be unique, modern and an artist's innovative approach to
expression. Unlike the Propaganda Poster Art Collection, the pieces at
Make Over invited a lot more interaction with guests. Whereas the
slogans and pictures portrayed on the Propaganda posters were blatant
and obvious with respect to Chinese history and the major events
occurring during the same time period.

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