Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Picasso China Tour cancelled indefinitely

so this text is no longer relevant.


The 2008 Picasso China Tour will open at Shanghai Exhibition Center
on July 5 and will run until August 22, Eastday.com reported today.

The exhibition will feature more than 100 pieces of Picasso's oil
paintings, sketches and sculptures. A dozen pieces kept by Picasso's
family will also make their world debut at the exhibition, the report
has said.

The exhibition will cover masterpieces from Picasso's various periods
and mainly focus on the cubism portraits and self-portraits of
Picasso's paintings. Oil paintings may account for forty percent the

Chinese Culture Promotion Society, the organizing committee of the
Shanghai Art Fair, a Denmark-based exhibition giant and Shanghai
Media Group will jointly operate the exhibition under the approval of
the Ministry of Culture.

The organizer will invite scholars from home and abroad to give
seminars on the art of Picasso and forums on the exchange between
oriental and western art during the forty-seven-day exhibition.

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