Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Shanghai Sculpture Space

The Shanghai Sculpture Space is really big and there's a lot of scultures inside and outside of it. It is supposed to be a gallery, but it really works like a museum -- you have to pay about RMB 50 to go inside. Inside, the architecture is fantastic, and I'm sure the sculptures are interesting also -- but its really hard to look at them. They're all crammed in next to eachother with no room to breathe. Its really problematic. There's tons of stuff; I wonder who put all that stuff in there like that.
Here's a picture of two unrelated sculptures crammed in next to eachother under a staircase:Also, there were these people moving stuff around and making a lot of noise and cleaning and building things inside the space -- and that sort of distracted me from the art:Outside was a kind of sculpture park / parking lot. It was stupid because maybe if you were looking at a sculpture you would have to move because some guy needed to park his van. Here's a picture of that:
There was some grass and a hill though, and when I heard that there were some nightclubs down the street I thought that this garden might be a sort of nice place to take a late night stroll after a few drinks, but my tour guide informed me that the place gets locked up in the evening.

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