Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Body Talk

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Press Release
Body Talk
Time:13 January – 10 March 2007
Address:50 Moganshan Lu, Bld 6, Fl 5

China has been a place for a long time where it has been not allowed to communicate.
This exhibition aim to display the power of our body as well as providing an opportunity to look at how our body
talks to us. The show, which began on 13 January, gathered painting, photographs and sculptures from
different Chinese artists.

The artists show how the body is portrayed at different moments through the artists’ imaginary which links
human figures to protest topics. While the exhibition itself mingled works of different origins, the picture that
emerges provided a variety of explanations for the use of the body, from performance-art, body- art to painting

These works instigate a dynamic point of view with regards to how look and understand our body to engage the
viewer through a complex thought revealing different meanings.
The show includes famous pieces by Huang Yan, Yang Zhichiao, Wang Qiang… and features new talented
artists as Zheng Huan, Zheng Dagong, etc…

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