Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Yang Zhenzhong Review

Yang Zhenzhong uses the video, and goes through a lot of experiments, putting his personal special view on the simple object in the daily life to present a different meaning in order to gradually become the avant-courier in the visual art field in China. One of his great works, “I will die”, is very impressive collection of different people’s narrating the simple truth. A tiny difference showing on the face before and after one said the truth, the tone coming from different background people, give people one deep think and conjecture. He is also very good at combining two seemingly unrelated things together to form a unique visual meaning, as in the work named “Blow”, once exhibited in 2002 Shanghai Biennial. A girl blows in one screen, and on the opposite screen the artist uses the technique of rewind to show a shoot in one busy street. When seeing the two screen together, it seems as if the air the girl blowing moves the street back, the exaggerated blowing indirectly reveals and accentuates the strength coming out of the girl. His creative idea is not only on technique, some earlier works of him also show a human wisdom, like the “922 rice”. He recorded a couple chicken to eat the rice and count the number when one chicken nods. He uses the nod to count the number of the rice and in return, to criticize the emphasis on number instead of the real things, which human recently represented. In his recent works, he becomes more and more focuses on the equipment and also the works are more delicate. It can be said that Yang Zhengzhong smoothly progress in the field of visual art, and make his own characteristic more visible.

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